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Dental implants are a long term option to replace missing teeth, enabling us to provide our patients with a secure and lasting solution. Small titanium screws that replace the root of a missing tooth, dental implants integrate with the surrounding bone and allow it to support a crown or bridge.

What are the main benefits for patients choosing dental implants?

  • A fixed solution, which is not removable from mouth and gives increased confidence.
  • They can last a lifetime if cared for and maintained properly.
  • Patients experience improved function and eating capability.
  • They can be used to increase retention of dentures, giving a very secure fit

We always make sure a full assessment is done to establish the suitability of dental implants for every patient, and our team can arrange a referral to a local implantologist who can conduct this assessment near you. We are fully trained in the restoration of implants, their maintenance and review – and all those restored at Mercer Dental Care are guaranteed for four years.