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Mercer Dental Care is proud to offer our patients the very best teeth whitening service possible. Our approach is always tailored to the specific needs of every individual patient, ensuring both safe treatment and stunning results.

An initial consultation assesses the extent of tooth discolouration as well as general dental health, which informs the treatment recommendations. We then discuss your options and preferences, any past experience with teeth whitening and lifestyle factors that can influence the success of your treatment.

Home Whitening

A comprehensive whitening assessment designed to ensure the treatment is suitable to your individual needs is carried out, from which will can then ascertain how best to proceed with treatment, providing all the tools required to achieve impressive results.

The whitening gel is placed in custom-made trays worn whilst you sleep, or for short periods during the day. Patients can expect to notice results around two weeks later.

If you would like to discuss options for improving your smile through teeth whitening then contact us today to arrange a consultation.